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Web Hosting:
Websites, Email, FTP & More


You can count on Caorda to provide you with fast, reliable and economical hosting for Windows or PHP websites, email, FTP, and more. Your website email, and FTP services will always be there and ready to go for you and your web-based customers.

Call and find out about our complete packages and custom web solutions for all of your internet marketing needs.

Website Hosting

Reliable, local and responsive to your specific requirements, web hosting is easy and affordable with Caorda Web Solutions.

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Email Hosting

Caorda Secure Email and Spam Removal is a dedicated service which you can use to filter e-mail and remove unwanted spam, e-mail-borne viruses and phishing attempts - all before the e-mail gets to your inbox or those of your employees.

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FTP Hosting

Caorda offers state of the art FTP hosting for all of your file transfer needs.

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Exchange Email Hosting

Caorda's Exchange Mail Hosting solution is designed to improve efficiency and reduce overall costs for your business' messaging system. Access e-mail, voice mail, calendar, and contacts from almost anywhere, anytime.

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