Ryan Morben

SEO Specialist

Ryan was born in Williams Lake BC and started life off on a ranch in a valley miles from the nearest town. He spent most of his time on the island growing up in Sooke, still miles from the nearest town, but enjoying the access to fishing, crabbing, shrimping, and many awesome spots for swimming. Apparently all that time outdoors gives him an enhanced ability to tolerate long periods in computer chairs.

With a love for all things nerdy, Ryan’s technical skills are very diverse, including Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and many other languages/formats. In the last 5 years Ryan has been almost exclusively focused on search engine marketing and website optimization.

Outside of Work

In his spare time Ryan deploys servers and develops websites from scratch using his own hardware. He likes to test out the latest methods for speeding up page loading times and staying on top of new developments within a safe environment where the work is fun and relaxed.

When he wants a break from the computers he’s usually under the hood of his car fixing it up and finding parts to maintain it. If you ask, he will tell you he’s going to compete in the local island motocross, but we’ll believe it when we see him out there.

Chinese Zodiac Sign

Ryan was born in the year of the tiger, which just shows that it is possible to have zero correlation between your zodiac sign and your personality.

Fun Fact

Ryan’s first website was written in a simple Mac Write program on his 8mhz Macintosh with a 10” B&W screen that was not able to render the web pages he was authoring at the time.

Ryan's Blog Posts

Image Optimization for Websites

Image Optimization for Websites

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