General Email Settings

General Email Settings

In order to receive e-mails on your phone you will need the following information:

Incoming E-mail Server (POP3): – Enter Port number:110
Incoming E-mail Server (IMAP): – Enter Port number:143
Outgoing E-mail Server (SMTP): please contact your service provider for this information (eg. Rogers, TELUS), or if you are using Caorda’s outgoing mail server then enter and please follow this link: Caorda SMTP Instructions.
Password: ******

Webmail Interface: 

When using Caorda’s SMTP servers instead of your Internet Service Provider’s SMTP servers, you must set your e-mail client to authenticate when sending e-mail.  Please see the instructions for setting up e-mail using Office Outlook or Outlook Express for explicit details. 

E-mail Policies

The following section outlines the standard Caorda e-mail policies which may differ from individual settings if special arrangements have been made with Caorda.

  • Mailbox size is limited to 800 MB per mailbox.  This amount includes all e-mail in all folders including inbox, sent items, deleted items, junk e-mail, etc.  We strongly recommend that you keep your mailbox under the 800 MB limit by downloading e-mails you wish to keep and purging any unwanted e-mails. You will receive notification of a full mailbox when it reaches 95% of the allowed size.
  • Messages in the Deleted and Junk folders will be removed from the server after 15 days.  Messages in the Sent Items folder will be removed after 45 days. This includes any unread messages found in these folders.
  • Polling for e-mails with an interval shorter than five (5) minutes is strongly discouraged, as this may generate duplicate messages in your mail program as well as creating excessive load on the e-mail servers.  We recommend that you change this setting to ten minutes; if you need to check your e-mail in the meantime, simply hit the manual Send/Receive button. The system will automatically detect users with a polling setting of less than five minutes and send them a system generated warning every hour until the settings are changed to conform to this policy.