Popular Websites, Then and Now

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by Sage

Popular Websites, Then and Now

The ‘inter-web’ has changed over the years and so have website designs. But how bad was it back in the dark ages… really? Here are some sites that may bring you back down memory lane:

Apple Then: 1997

Apple Now: 2012


IBM Then: 2001

IBM Now: 2012


Microsoft Then: 1997

Microsoft Now: 2012


Google Then: 1999

Google Now: 2012


Amazon Then: 1999

Amazon Now: 2012


NASA Then: 1997

NASA Now: 2012


Friendster Then: 2004

Friendster Now: 2012


YouTube Then: 2004

YouTube Now: 2012


Yahoo! Then: 2001


Yahoo! Now: 2012


WordPress Then: 2003

WordPress Now: 2012


Sage Then: 1999

Sage Now: 2012


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