Peter Daniels

Recognizing that our legacy system was outdated and unable to meet our existing and future administrative needs, The Diocese of BC undertook extensive research and discussion with multiple software providers and platforms to explore the possibility of creating of an expanded, intuitive and relational, asset management database. We understood that the successful build of such a system would be challenging.  It would require us to make an informed decision in order to partner with a sophisticated Web Development company from the outset.

Caorda Web Solutions was of both the size and reputation to make this an easy decision. The scope of this project could have easily been hindered by a lack of knowledge or technical sophistication on the part of a small firm, development partner. Additionally, a ‘large’ firm would likely not have cared about the project to the same extent. The team at Caorda jumped in and quickly understood what was required, assisted in the many iterations for a structural outline and responded quickly to our queries and calls for help. They listened intently, designed a structure that allowed for growth and produced a database that even in its fledgling state, performs beyond our expectations.

The assets management database we have built with Caorda is going to be of great interest to our Parishes and to other Diocese operations in Canada. The Diocesan Council, which is made up of 28 parish representatives from the Island and is the Governing body of the Diocese, were all very impressed with the end result. We would recommend Caorda to others in a heartbeat (in fact, we already have).