Richard Parker

In March 2017 we kicked-off our partnership with Caorda and have worked happily alongside them since. Caorda gathered all the details of our domain names, website hosting and analytics, and consolidated them all into one place. Having a dedicated web services provider has freed us from worrying about the technical areas of our business and has made things so much easier. However, if we do need technical advice, Caorda is extremely easy to connect with and is always ready to help us when needed. Caorda’s dedicated support team is always upbeat and a pleasure to talk to and we always leave conversations feeling happy and confident in our project.

Throughout our relationship, Caorda has been attentive and responsive to our needs, whether we have needed email support, business solution advice, or design expertise for a new website. In fact, Caorda was able to create a new web presence, in late 2017 in order to meet Nevaeh’s growing repertoire of services. The website was quickly and professionally designed, and we were happy they managed to utilize the same branding of our other two company sites, and helped to keep all of our branding in line. Jade, Hilary, Cam, Rob and Amanda have been phenomenal to work with, and have assisted us promptly and courteously no matter the request.

Caorda has demonstrated their ability to bridge the technology gap for a busy entrepreneur and to make the most of our digital marketing needs. Their work and level of support has exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to continuously working with Caorda in the future. I wholeheartedly recommend them for this distinguished award!