Drupal CMS Development

Drupal is one of the Big 3 open source web content management systems (WCMS), next to WordPress and Joomla. However, Drupal was the first to find usage in the enterprise level organizations such as governments, higher education institutions, and NGO’s. As with all open source platforms, it’s free to use and is supported by a massive online community.

Why Choose Drupal?

Drupal is a little more ‘enterprise’ than WordPress. We can launch a basic WordPress site in a matter of days while a Drupal development project involves a bit more preparation, requirements development and building. It’s less of an ‘out of the box’ product than WordPress.

However what you do get is stability and security. Leading website security firm, Securi reported that of the most popular open source WCMS platforms, Drupal accounted for 2% of the exploit reports, while WordPress fell in at around 80%. It should be stated however, that in all cases the exploits were linked to out-dated plugins and themes, not with the CMS core.


What you Get

  • Out of the box (OOB) security with enforced strong passwords
  • Database encryption
  • OOB brute force login protection 
  • Mobile first architecture
  • Mobile editing
  • Live page editing
  • Content versioning and recovery
  • Built-in multilingual capabilities
  • Personalization & customer experience philosophy
  • Themes, plugins and secure feature integrations

Another Arrow in the Quiver

Drupal is yet another development platform that Caorda has in its arsenal that we can use to help elevate your brand or business to the next level. Our expert CMS developers and experienced project managers can quickly determine which Web CMS would be the better fit for your particular project.

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If you run a Small to Medium business and are looking to modernize your look and feel with a new CMS, let us know. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and make suggestions on which platform would be the best fit for you.

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