Joomla Development

Designing a Joomla! Site

Joomla! is an open source CMS for publishing web content. Downloaded over 35 million times, Joomla is one of the more popular CMSs available and it offers thousands of extensions and designs.

Caorda hosts and maintains Joomla! sites for clients of varied sizes and industries, and we bring our years of web design experience to bear for each of our clients. As a professional web development company, Caorda’s Joomla! Developers require the know-how needed to host and maintain your existing Joomla site, or provide you with consultation if you are considering starting a Joomla project.

Joomla Starts Strong

Joomla offers developers, and ordinary users, a robust core of features to manage the basic elements of website content.

Functionality for user management, page caching, blogs, polls, search, and more comes built in to every Joomla site.

These simple to use core features meet essential client needs allowing our customers to get involved directly. This also frees up Caorda’s developers to create custom Joomla modules/themes that extend what Joomla can do.

Working with Joomla

Caorda currently hosts and maintains Joomla sites for a variety of clients. We also offer web services for Joomla sites like hosting, graphic design, maintenance, and more. If you have a Joomla site, or a project you’re looking to realize, we would love to sit down and talk about your needs.

Joomla Features

Joomla is used by many high-profile websites like IHOP, Harvard, and Citibank. Check out these Joomla features to find out why:

  • Content Management: Joomla offers a simple three-tiered system of articles to streamline your content-related efforts. It’s easy to use the simple editing system, while also integrating pre-installed modules for more advanced display options.
  • Stunning Templates: Style your site with Joomla’s templates. You can choose a single template for a site-wide design, or use a variety of templates to make each page distinct.
  • Simple Syndication: It’s easy to syndicate your site content with Joomla. Users can subscribe to content in their favourite RSS reader, or you can integrate RSS feeds from other sources on your site.
  • Powerful Extensibility: Need more options? Joomla offers over 6000 extensions, and the option for web development companies like Caorda to create new modules for you.

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