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Designing an Umbraco Site: Quality without Complexity

Umbraco is a leading open source CMS on the Microsoft .NET framework. It’s among the top 5 most popular downloads on the Microsoft Web Platform Installer, and is a popular open source tool generally. Caorda strongly believes in the power and flexibility of Microsoft’s .NET architecture and related technologies like Umbraco. We’re a Microsoft-certified developer, and we build Umbraco sites regularly, so you can count on a compelling, professional design from Caorda.

Umbraco is a highly flexible CMS that allows simple content management while supporting complex custom functionality. This means Caorda can build any features you want, and when the site’s in your hands it’s still easy to edit content. With Umbraco, Caorda’s powerful custom development combines with the CMS’ straightforward interface, so quality doesn’t have to mean dealing with complexity.

Web Design & Development with Umbraco

Umbraco runs some noteworthy websites, like Microsoft, Toyota, FOX, and Vogue. But you don’t need to be big; Caorda builds Umbraco sites for clients of all sizes. We have developed sites for the BC Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner, Islands Trust Fund, and Healthy Schools BC, among others. Caorda also offers training and other web services for Umbraco, so you get more out of your website.

Umbraco Features

Caorda is familiar with all of Umbraco’s features, and we can help you decide which features your website needs:

  • Extensibility Model: Umbraco is extensible and provides a variety of options for customization and add-ons. Caorda can provide you with affordable prebuilt functionality or custom tools designed for your exact needs.

  • .NET: Umbraco is built on the Microsoft .NET framework and stays up to date on the latest advances, like LINQ, Dynamic Language Runtimes, and more. Caorda has worked with .NET since our inception, and we can bring the necessary know-how to your site design.

  • Custom Skins: Umbraco allows for standard CSS and JavaScript customization and provides a skinning engine, which makes it that much easier for Caorda’s graphic design team to create a beautiful website.

  • Open API: Umbraco has a comprehensive API that gives developers like Caorda programming access to every aspect of Umbraco and allows us to design anything you want.

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