Setup Android Devices for Hosted Exchange

The following steps can be applied to most Android devices, for Apple’s iPhone/iPad instruction you can find them here. Please read all the steps before trying to set this up.

  1. On your Android device tap on your Settings icon
  2. Navigate down and tap on Cloud and accounts or Accounts

    1. You may need to tap on Accounts a second time depending  on your device
  3. Tap on Add account
  4. Tap on Exchange, this exchange icon will create the exchange account against the default Gmail/Mail app on your device
  5. You are now starting the configuration steps, enter your email address and tap NEXT
  6. Enter your Password
  7. The device will now try to auto configure using the domain on your email address update the Server field to read:
  8. You will now be prompted to allow to apply its Exchange settings to your Android device. Tap on OK
  9. The following screen are the details, tap on ACTIVATE
  10. You have now setup your account, leave the default name or enter one of your choice (e.g. Rob’s Exchange)
  11. Congratulations you are done the setup part, open up the Gmail app and emails should start flowing in