Password Policies

As a Caorda e-mail account user, it is imperative that you guard yourself against unauthorized access by using strong passwords for your e-mail accounts.

Additionally, we encourage you to use passwords which are not easily guessed, and make sure to change your password on a regular basis. E-mail passwords can be changed through Caorda Web Mail (available at; log in using your username (full e-mail address) and current password, select Options, then change your password.

If you are using an e-mail client such as Office Outlook, Outlook Express, or Mozilla Mail, you must also update the password associated with the e-mail account.  For more information on changing passwords, please see Changing Your E-mail Password.

Strong Passwords

Strong password are at least 8 characters long and are made up of letters, numbers, and symbols. An easy way to create a strong password is to take a common word that you can remember and add numbers and punctuation to it. For example, the words apple tree could form a password like appletree.120 or apple-120-tree (please note that we suggest you do not use these specific examples).

Weak Password Detection

For your protection, Caorda’s mail servers will detect weak passwords and notify you via e-mail when it considers your passwords a security risk. To avoid these types of e-mail notifications, we suggest that you do not use part of your account name as a password and that you refrain from using simple short common words, as these can very quickly be broken with a simple dictionary password cracker.