E-Mail Settings for Google Pixel 2

This guide will help you through setting up Mail on your Google Pixel Phone. The reference pictures used are from a Pixel 2 however these steps could be applied to some of the Pixel line phones. Please fully read the instruction before starting.

  1. Tap on the Menu / All Apps Icon on your device

  2. Navigate and Tap on the Settings section

  3. Navigate and Tap on the Accounts section

  4. Navigate to the bottom and tap on Add account

  5. Navigate and select Personal (IMAP)

  6. You will be dropped into the GMAIL app account setup section. Enter your email address in the box supplied and tap on Next

  7. Enter your Password and tap on Next

  8. You will be prompted to enter the Incoming Server settings. Please make sure the Username is your full email address, the password is entered and the Server is set to imap.caorda.com and tap on Next

  9. The Outgoing server settings will come up, please make sure that Require sign-in is active, the Username is your full email address, the password is filled and the SMTP server is set to relay.caorda.com and tap on Next
  10. If all the details are accurate the account will setup and you will be offered to change any default Account options. Uncheck anything you do not want.
  11. Congratulations, you have setup your mail account on your S7 device, here you can change how the account is listed in your account by changing the Account name and this is also where you will put your name that will be displayed along with the from address in emails you send.

If you have any challenges or questions please don’t hesitate to contact us!