Andrii Taran

Web Developer

While working in media production, Andrii saw how a new wave of web technologies changed the way we were able to tell stories. As a lifelong learner he decided to find out how it works from the inside, which led him to a career change. Andrii says he used to tell stories through visuals and now he does it through code!

Outside of Work

Andrii was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, grew up in the middle of nowhere somewhere in Russia and currently (and permanently) calls The Great White North his home. Andrii likes to play various kinds of guitars, brew Ethiopian coffee in his pour over, document his family life through the camera’s lens, dominate his kids in Mario Kart and discuss Christopher Nolan’s movies.

Fun Fact

Andrii used to play in a punk rock band (that’s where he got his earings!).

Favourite Quote

“It’s not possible.” — Case
“No, it’s necessary.” — Cooper
Interstellar (2014)