Julie Melano

Julie has a passion for helping businesses develop their public image. After graduating from Southern Oregon University’s art program in 2000, her Minor in Photography first tempted her to pursue a career behind the lens, but then she followed her heart and pursued graphic design, focusing first on print and brand design, then adding website design and development to the mix. Having worked for design firms throughout Canada and the United States, she is delighted to have settled on beautiful Vancouver Island, and loves being a part of the Caorda team.

Outside of Work

Julie loves spending time traveling, taking photos, writing, designing jewellery, baking, beachcombing, and watching movies with her husband and two cats. She proudly volunteers with a local wildlife education organization. From an early age, she has spent time, off and on, performing as a percussionist (drummer) with a variety of orchestras and symphonic bands.

Chinese Zodiac Sign

Julie is a horse – energetic, kind, optimistic, sentimental, rational and straightforward, and has a deft sense of humour.

Fun Fact

Julie once walked out onto a frozen pond to rescue a duck with a broken wing, then drove it to the vet.

Favourite Quote

“Do or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda