Pete Dutka

Account Manager

Pete grew up in Ontario and moved to Victoria at the start of 2018. He joined Caorda after running a start up designed to help fill private language schools around the world. Pete loves to travel and splits his time between Canada and Europe. No matter where he is, he’s always working PST hours and is happy to help.

Outside of Work

Pete likes to run, bike, climb and play guitar. He’s a huge sports fan and loves to watch or play just about everything. He’s trying to learn to surf but keeps falling over. He’s always reading at least one murder mystery and likes to think he was a detective in another life.

Chinese Zodiac Sign


Fun Fact

Pete’s currently working on learning French, feel free to say bonjour.

Favourite Quote

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm” – Winston Churchill

Pete's Blog Posts

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5 Tips for Success on Your Next Web Project

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