Caorda Content Version 3.5 is Released

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by Lorne Neil

Caorda Content Version 3.5 is Released

Caorda is excited to announce the release of its newly updated Content Management System: Caorda Content Version 3.5. We simplified, beautified and enhanced Caorda Content to ensure a more comfortable user experience. It is always on our minds to improve our services so we gladly took your comments and combined them with our developers creativity to develop an improved product.

New & Updated Features include:

  • Insert YouTube Videos – easily insert YouTube videos into your web site content.
  • Image Editing Tool – built-in image editor for making the simplest changes to your uploaded image, including cropping, resizing, flipping, rotating and changes to opacity.
  • Custom Colours – include custom colours in the background and foreground colour palettes.
  • Permissions Report – a new report display that shows user permissions for each page for authoring, editing and publishing.
  • New Redirection Capabilities
  • Per-Language SEO Options
  • Enhanced Callout Previewing
  • Miscellaneous SEO Enhancements & Bug Fixes
    and more…

What’s new in Caorda Content v3.5? Contact us for a demo of this new version.