Caorda Moves to New Open-Concept Office

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by Jade

Caorda Moves to New Open-Concept Office

Caorda Web Solutions Has Moved!

After a great deal of research and planning, a great opportunity came along this spring! We have been searching for a new office space that will allow our staff to work more as a group, rather than away in our tidy little four-walled offices. We’re knocking down the barriers in an effort to encourage more conversation, idea sharing, and unified decision-making!

Our new office—just a few blocks away—has everything we need: a convenient location (still near Uptown Centre, only a few blocks from our old office), lots of sunlight and beautiful views, and a spacious, open-concept floorplan, as well as a few private break-out meeting rooms. There’s a big kitchen with a large table (which unfortunately means we won’t be smelling Lorne’s delicious Thai food anymore) with a long deck outside where we can enjoy some breaks and breathe in some fresh air to help keep ourselves inspired. And don’t worry, Alan, we’re bringing the coffee maker! ;)

Come visit us at our new digs! We will soon be hosting an Open House, so we will roll out some invitations once our minor renovations are complete. Stay tuned!

Here’s our new address:
401–3795 Carey Rd.  (4th floor)
Victoria, B.C. V8Z 6T8