Email Marketing Campaign Strategy: Does Your Business Have One?

Email Marketing Strategy: Your Business Needs One!

One of Caorda’s knowledgeable account managers, Trish Jackson Mitchell explains some of the ins and outs of one of the oldest and (still) most effective forms of marketing. Email Marketing.

Email Marketing Blast Tools

There is an abundance of different ways to go about sending out a batch of emails to a group of people. Tools like MailChimp, Aweber and Constant Contact are ones that we commonly see used by our customers.

Building An Email List

We often incorporate email list subscription forms into a website with a sign-up form that connects to those tools where people can say, “yes, I want to hear from you – send me emails!”

Email Marketing Design & Strategy

It’s really important to consider what topics you’re communicating with clients about in your emails. Do you have wicked content to share? Are you sharing great deals, coupons and promotions? How often are you doing that? How are you growing that e-mail list? How are you managing it?

It’s great to want to continually attract new business through your website, but once you actually attract somebody to your business, how do you keep them engaged and interested and how do you stay in touch with them? That’s going to be very unique to each business and we’re pretty good at connecting you to your perfect customers.

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