Email Marketing: The Old Digital Marketing Strategy That Still Works!

Email was at the forefront in the early days of the Internet – and it’s one of the oldest digital marketing strategies around that still works! Many people think of ‘spam’ when they hear email marketing. Although spam is a huge issue today, email marketing can be one of the most effective and best ROI-producing digital marketing strategies available! Read on to learn why that is, as well as some ways in which email marketing can be leveraged with other digital marketing strategies.

People Check Their Email Often

Those who have and use email use it regularly; most of these people check their email daily, if not multiple times a day. Similar to social media – where a majority of people are known to be frequent users – a quick peak at an inbox is a common behaviour, so it can be just as effective for marketing as social media is. A recent study found that 82% of people check their email at least once per day, while 20% say they check over 10 times per day! The majority of us use email, and we use it often.

Email Lists Were The First “Social Networks”

It is fair to argue that email marketing was the first-ever social media network. Social media posting by businesses is a great way to keep current clients or followers engaged, and it can be quite cost-effective too; once you get a new “follower” on social media, you have the ability to market to them over and over again – essentially for free. Email lists and email marketing are similar. Once you get a new email subscription for your newsletter, you have the ability to market to that email again and again, at minimal cost. The medium may be different, but the concept of being able to reach that person again and again is the same.

Reach (and Re-Market to) Potentially Large Audiences With 1 Email

Once a business has amassed a large email list, there is the potential to reach this entire audience with a single email. Imagine an author who has been building an email list via blog posts and website signups for a number of years while working on a new book. The author has an incredible opportunity to email this list of followers when that new book is finally published. Whether the email list is 1,000 subscribers or 10,000 subscribers or more, this marketing strategy has the potential to produce hundreds and thousands of sales very quickly! The strategy applies for e-commerce websites as well as traditional service businesses that do not sell online. If subscribers stay subscribed, they are a powerful listening audience.

Use Your Email Lists To Leverage Other Digital Marketing Tactics

Besides reaching out to your email list to engage a potentially large audience for free, an email list can also be used to leverage other digital marketing tactics. For example, if you want to “re-market” to your email list in other ways besides email marketing, you can upload your email list to Facebook Ads to create a ‘custom audience’, and then re-market to that email list via Facebook (and Instagram) ads. This list can be used to build ‘lookalike audiences’ on Facebook Ads as well, and the same can be done with other ad platforms too!

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Start Building Your Email List Today!

If you aren’t actively adding to your email list every month, you should definitely consider it! By simply adding a subscription form to your website, you can begin to capture your website visitors by getting them to subscribe to your email newsletters. Over time, that audience will grow and you can communicate and market your business on a regular basis.

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