Google retires rel=author

The rel=author experiment is over.

Google ran the rel=author system for over 3 years and paid close attention to how the new feature has impacted, or in this case ‘not impacted’, search results.

For competitive websites there’s no doubt that having a respectable looking head-shot added to your search results was a perk.

Example of Goolge Search results with author markup

Google’s own statistics showed that the rel=author feature was not improving search as planned, plus there was a lot of spamming going on behind the scenes.

By further supporting markup Google also made the rel=author markup somewhat redundant since competing search engines use and have not publicly adopted the rel=author method.

So if you are/were a Bing loyalist you probably already have your content marked up correctly for most search engines, but for the rest of us this will mean some changes to website code.

In a nutshell where you used to have:

Posted by <a href="">Caorda</a>

You would now use markup for a person to give the same author data to search engines and other web indexing services.

We did a post back in the middle of July titled “Microformats-and-Schema” that talked about the options for micro formats. It didn’t get very technical however and looking at the recent changes to authorship markup I expect to publish a more in-depth discussion on formatting pages/content with 

Stay tuned for more!