Huge Hootsuite Bug Discovered but They’re Choosing Not to Fix it

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by Jade

Huge Hootsuite Bug Discovered but They’re Choosing Not to Fix it

*UPDATE – On Feb, 1st 2017, the Content Suggestions feature became no more. Perhaps the writing was on the wall many months ago when I discovered this bug, and so explains their disinterest in providing me with a straight answer on the subject. It was a great feature that ‘for the most part’, worked really well. The current options for curating content are not nearly as ‘friendly’ as the list style of the now defunct suggestions. 


Last year I discovered quite a serious bug with the Hootsuite Twitter integration and posting feature. It occurs when using their nifty auto-complete tagging feature, which I love! After you’ve ‘mentioned’ a person or brand using the @ sign, any further interaction in the post window triggers an immediate character penalty of around 54 characters! That doesn’t bode well for anyone doing anything using their Twitter publishing tool. This bug seems to be local to the Chrome web browser. See below for an updated example with Firefox. And considering I first discovered this last May (2016), this seems to be a pretty significant issue that isn’t getting the attention it needs.

It’s difficult to explain, so here’s a short video of the Hootsuite Twitter bug. Take note of the starting character count (31 remaining).

In the above example – incidentally, I can recreate this bug on demand – I am using a ‘suggested tweet’. I can usually find ways to improve the post with tagging and mentions, so in this case, it seemed logical to use a mention for ‘VW’.

So, at no point did I ADD characters, I only removed and was penalized by 54 characters (from +31 to -24). How is this even possible?

Hootsuite Support Really Tried to Help

As you can see by this thread in their support channel, their support really tried to help once I was able to communicate the issue. It was like a game of charades or Pictionary except without pictures. I eventually sent over a short screen recording and the lightbulb went off on the other end.

I’ll get back to you, she said… I heard nothing.

Six Months Later

So, after a long while, I thought to remind them of this unbelievably frustrating bug in their Twitter integration. I shouldn’t be forced to change browsers just to use their tool. It’s a significant and recreatable software bug that should be dealt with.

So I attempt to reconnect with the support team by forwarding back my original support email.

From me:

Hello, just to let you know, this bug is still present using Chrome.

Not sure if this will reset the ticket or not. Quite frustrating to say the least.

I was hopeful that the reply would be a bit more positive than what was returned.

From Hootsuite Support Desk:

Thank you for reaching out once again- I wanted to let you know that I have reached out to our Development team for an update on this bug, and this is the response that I got from them:

This issue has been logged by our Development Team however is not queued for further work at this time. Should the status of your ticket change, we will be updating you in this ticket.

I am really sorry to let you know and will keep you linked to the bug so that you can be notified if anything changes. 


 “Is not queued for further work at this time?”.

So they acknowledge that it’s an issue, but decide that they can’t be bothered. Feel free to scan over the entire support ticket HERE. The initial chat is a bit of a groaner but you can skip to the end for the quote mentioned below.


Not queued for further work at this time…


Here’s a nifty GIF version of the Hootsuite Bug that you can steal and share around if you like. 

Hootsuite Bug using Chrome

I guess for the moment I’m forced to use FireFox for this but we may just decide to use another platform if this isn’t sorted out in quick order.

UPDATE: After necessity drove me to Firefox to continue my work, I was able to cleanly recreate the issue, so now our move away from Hootsuite might just be sooner than later.

Here is the example of the Hootsuite Twitter bug using FireFox:

Hootsuite Twitter Bug in Firefox


Have you seen this or experienced this in Hootsuite? I really like the autocomplete tagging, however it seems that it’s inherently broken. Too bad, this was a solid Hootsuite update that I was really excited about.

Share your thoughts below!