Quality Assurance Testing at Caorda

Quality assurance is an important part of the web application and software development philosophy at Caorda. To ensure every project is delivered with outstanding quality, Caorda assigns dedicated quality assurance professionals who participate in every stage of the development process.

We recognize that each business case has its own complexities and that it’s important to understand your business environment before starting any development project.

Likewise, once your project is underway, Caorda maintains an interactive development approach, presenting work in progress, getting feedback, and including any additional requirements to ensure the impact of updates and variable costs are managed smoothly and within your budget.

Project Risk & Change Management

Caorda employs an active-risk-management strategy for all significant development projects. This process seeks to identify and mitigate issues in an ongoing fashion. Meetings are conducted on a scheduled basis where any potential issues are identified and ranked into probability and severity followed by mitigation and contingency strategies. Similarly, change management follows a controlled technical review and assessment process. By implementing a dedicated change control process, Caorda ensures your project progresses smoothly without project updates and changes having unexpected side effects. If a change is required, the impact of the change will be assessed, discussed and rolled into the overall project plan.

Quality Assurance Specifics

Caorda follows an efficient and effective professional project flow. This begins with standards-based requirements documentation, including the use of UML (Universal Modeling Language) and object-oriented analysis as the formal structure that guides a hands-on user interview process and requirements. From development through to Quality Assurance and User Acceptance testing, we ensure that all aspects of the projects follow these quality standards. For Caorda, quality assurance isn’t an afterthought – we employ dedicated quality assurance professionals and assign them responsibility for specific projects. Moreover, Caorda provides specific warranty periods for any and all components created by us during which time any defect will be prioritized and scheduled, based on severity of the defect, and fixed free of charge.

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