Chem-Dry New Zealand

“The new website is definitely generating more business than my last site. Had four [web inquiries] come in over the weekend. Never had that many before.”

Craig Killington
President, Chem-Dry Palmerston North, NZ


“I was unsure how the new websites would go, but after spending a few days going over things and customising it with Paul I think it’s a bloody well built site and well done you guys. … An amazing job and I believe after dealing with [our last web company] for over a year it’s head and shoulders better. I believe marketed right, with AdWords as well, everyone will notice a big difference!”

Ross Mackenzie
Managing Director, Waikato & Gold Valley Chem Dry, NZ


“Before we started working with Caorda our website rarely got inquiry and leads, but since switching to their strategy we’ve started receiving constant inquiries often!”

Anon. – ChemDry NZ Franchisee