Carson Varney

If I could give Caorda 10 stars I would. They are absolutely phenomenal and go waaaaaay above and beyond the call of duty. I checked out pretty much every local company and just stumbled upon them last minute and am so thankful I did. Pete Dutka was our websites project manager and was absolutely incredible. His response rate way super fast, he had brilliant ideas and requested website changes were made almost instantly. This is of course with the help of his awesome team helping him (special shout out to Dave for the editing skills). I imagine all team members at Caorda follow these same skills and values but can only speak to those I have worked with. I was so impressed with Caordas website development that I purchased three months of their marketing plan with out hesitation. I only just started the marketing plan but things look very promising and I will update at the end of 3 months on the results. Thanks again Caorda for the unbelievable service. Highly recommend!