Setup Apple/IOS Devices for Hosted Exchange

The following steps apply to Apple’s iPhone/iPad devices, for Android devices you can find them here. Please read all the steps before trying to set this up.

  1. On your Apple device tap on your Settings icon
  2. Navigate down and tap on Mail
  3. Tap on Accounts a second time depending  on your device
  4. Tap on Add account
  5. Tap on Exchange
  6. You are now starting the configuration steps, enter your Email address and a Description if you want it named differently, tap Next
  7. Enter your Password and tap Next
  8. The device will now try to auto configure using the details you supplied, if you received the next screen the device couldn’t get the full configuration enter the details below as needed.

    1. Server:
    2. Username: your full Email address
    3. Domain: NOTHING
  9. If all is good you will be shown the following screen, this is where you select what should sync from the Exchange System, select those you want and tap on Save
  10. Congratulations you are done the setup part, open up the default Mail app and emails should start flowing in