Setup Outlook 2011 for Mac on Caorda Hosted Exchange

The following steps are for Outlook 2011 on a Mac for Office 2010-2016 on Windows the steps can be found here.

Please read all the steps before trying to set this up.

  1. Start up Outlook
  2. Select Tools(1) from the drop down menu and select Accounts…(2)
  3. This will bring up the Accounts control panel, click Exchange or Office 365 (1), or click the + button(2)
  4. The following configuration window will come up, enter your Email address (1), your User name/Email address(2), Password(3) and click on Add Account (4)
  5. The System will now try to auto configure Outlook will be redirected to the configuration server, check mark “Always use my response for this server”(1) and click on Allow (2)
  6. Congratulations your new account has been setup