T4E & T4A XML Tax Processing for CRA



Low-Cost T4E & T4A XML File Preparation Service

Caorda offers a fast and simple process to produce T4A and T4E XML files for submission to CRA.  Caorda has been offering this service for 15 years and has a proven system with a secure and easy-to-use process. In recent years the Government of Canada has continued to expand the obligations of businesses to file income tax forms electronically using XML format. Filers who submit more than 50 returns are required to file electronically and we have a solution that makes the process fast, secure and cost-effective.

Caorda’s XML data conversion service is affordable, secure and private.

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Using a supplied spreadsheet, you simply have to fill in the applicable tax data for your recipients and upload it to us via our secure portal. Once processed, you will be notified by email to log back in and receive your prepared XML data file required for submission to CRA and a printable PDF of all your T4A/T4E slips for distribution to recipients. 

Our developers have built Caorda’s XML tax data conversion service to ensure your data is secure and private. All information transferred is managed through a secure connection and environment (SSL encryption). In no circumstance is the information uploaded retained or used for any purpose other than to produce the resulting tax forms and XML file. See our privacy policy for more information.

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