Delta Marine Service

Delta Marine Service, located in Sidney BC, provides complete boat haul out services, yacht repair, and full-service marine metal fabrication. For over 40 years, they’ve had a reputation for high quality workmanship in marine repair, and are a top choice among yacht owners. Learn more about them »

The Challenge

Delta Marine came to us a few months ago looking for a new WordPress site. They had already created a basic one on their own, which functioned pretty well, but the design and functionality needed some spice. They wanted a site that could brave the storm, and we were glad to steer it in the right direction! Their primary objectives were to create a visually appealing web presence, and to highlight their technical services, as well as their ability to dramatically improve the cosmetic appeal of yachts.

The Solution

Since they had a brand in place already, we already had a logo and colour palette to work from. They supplied links to several websites they likes the look of, so it was easy to lock-in on design from the first mock-up. As always, we applied custom responsive (mobile-friendly) design and development, as well as some SEO basics—namely, in the way of ensuring image size optimization (to ensure good page load speeds on all browsers). The site is now securely hosted on our Canadian server, and receives regular software updates and performance inspections.

Those of us at Caorda who helped with the site were delighted with the amount of dedication and organization this client showed during our weeks creating this fresh new web presence. The variety of professional photos they supplied (key for helping to grab attention on the web!) were a huge help with ensuring attractive content throughout all pages, to help keep viewers engaged. Now the new site is sailing along perfectly! Complete with an attractive slideshow, animated features, team page, forms, maps, and modern fonts and styles… it’s undoubtedly already attracting new business!

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