• Swiftsure Equine Veterinarian Services

    Swiftsure Equine Veterinarian Services

    Swiftsure Equine Veterinary Services is based in the greater Victoria area. They provide ambulatory veterinary services for horses based on a philosophy of compassion and high quality, professional care. The Challenge Swiftsure Equine Veterinary Services had been working with another…

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  • Galaxy Motors

    Galaxy Motors

    Galaxy Motors’ 4 dealerships proudly offer the largest selection of used vehicles throughout Vancouver Island, now spanning across to the lower mainland. Their inventory is comprised of vehicles within the first 10 model years, and rarely exceeds 150,000 kms. With…

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  • Office of the Information Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia

    Office of the Information Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia

    The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner provides independent oversight and enforcement of BC’s access and privacy laws like FIPPA and PIPA. Caorda developed a website for the OIPC that has the necessary functionality to contain their extensive library…

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  • Ferris Group of Restaurants

    Ferris Group of Restaurants

    Caorda teamed up with Ferris' Oyster Bar & Grill to create a new WordPress website for their amazing group of restaurants including: Ferris' Upstairs Oyster Bar, Ferris' Downstairs Grill, Perro Negro, and Catalano. We had a great time designing and…

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  • Catalyst Coaching Solutions

    Catalyst Coaching Solutions

    For too long, call center representatives have been grouped along with big banks and airlines when it comes to trust and commitment. They tend to treat customers like numbers, rather than people; they also quote incorrect information, provide inconsistent experiences, demonstrate…

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  • Uvic Genome Centre – Proteomics Peptide Tracker

    Uvic Genome Centre – Proteomics Peptide Tracker

    The University of Victoria Genome British Columbia Proteomics Centre is a state-of-the-art proteomics research facility located in Victoria, BC. The Centre approached Caorda Solutions to help design and build a database and web application to solve data entry and analysis…

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  • UBC Seismic Performance Analyzer

    UBC Seismic Performance Analyzer

    The Seismic Performance Analyzer is an online software tool developed as a collaboration between the University of British Columbia, the Association of Professional Engineers and Goescientists of BC, and the British Columbia Ministry of Education. It allows civil engineers to…

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  • AG Direct

    AG Direct

    AG Direct Hail is the first and only, exclusively online, private crop hail insurance provider. Caorda has worked closely with AG Direct Hail to ensure that thousands of crop insurance policies can be quoted on, entered, submitted, paid, and claimed…

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